Time for others 

In the hectic chaos of the hospital stay, it is important to take some time out every day to spend some quality one on one time with those who are close to you. They may be your children, your partner, close friends or other family members who are concerned about you or your child. If you are a parent or carer of a child who has undergone surgery, it is ok to head out for a half an hour to have a coffee/tea down the road with someone close. Your child will be fine, let the nurses know some time before hand so they are aware of your plans. Leave your mobile phone number with the nurses so they can contact you if they need to and head out for bit. 

If you are caring for a sick child, you may find that your other children need some special time with you as well. Try to find the time to make them feel special and include your partner in the care of your hospitalised child as they will need some time to share with that child as well. 

Use this opportunity to build closer relationships with family members by listening to their stories, their worries and what is happening in their lives. Stay in touch with what they are going through and feeling, and you will develop a closer bond. Many loved ones feel disconnected when something major has happened and seek comfort and reassurance from you that everything is ok. A simple reassuring nod and warm smile will be all they need to feel better. Avoid going into the gory details, people who are not usually around hospitals and procedures can be frightened off ever asking again if you are too truthful. Be grateful they asked and let them off the hook gently. 

Be aware that some people may not know what to say, or may ask inappropriate questions, or make comments that make you feel uncomfortable. This is quite common and most people will respond well if you reassure them that you value their time and their presence. You can ask a friend or relative to stop making comments that make you feel uncomfortable. Surround yourself with people who help you feel positive.