Time to yourself 

Find 30 minutes each day for just you. It doesn’t really matter where in the day, the afternoon would probably be more suitable, even in rest time if you like although this is the only good opportunity to catch up on some missed sleep. Ask your nurse to hold the phone calls and any interruptions such as the tea lady/man. Ask any expected visitors to come at outside this time. 

Make sure you shut your door, or close the curtains around your bed. Put in ear plugs or earphones and listen to some of your favorite music, put on an eye mask and if you like put on your favorite perfume, aftershave or use aromatherapy to engage all your senses. Settle in on your bed and become absorbed in your own world. It doesn’t matter what you do, just do whatever it is you love to do in the privacy of your own space and indulge for 30 minutes to give yourself a little piece of love back. 

An alternative is to ask for a wheel chair and ask someone to help you find a quiet space in the hospital where there is a view of a garden, or perhaps a trip down to the cafeteria for good coffee. It doesn’t matter what, how or where, as long as you are treating yourself and indulging in a lovely pleasure for 30 minutes uninterrupted.