How do you know which product will suit you?

Mitrofanoff patients rely on intermittent catheters along with a range of other products, to be reliable, safe and convenient.  How do you know which product will suit you? 

There are many different sorts of catheters, leg bags, tapes and lubricants available on the Australian market along with many distributors and suppliers.  Often the products aren't available over the counter and there is seemingly little support to help you choose the right one. 

There are a number of complex issues faced by the mitrofanoff patient: the majority of catheters available in Australia are made for use via the urethra; each person is different, and so each Mitrofanoff is made slightly differently.  

The key to finding out which catheters and products suit you ask someone who specialises in stomal and continence care:

  • Stomal Therapy Nurse, 
  • Continence Nurse Advisor, 
  • Continence Foundation Helpline, 
  • or distributors and suppliers who will provide information on their products and free samples for you to try. 

We advise that you should always consult your stomal therapy nurse which product they believe would be most suitable for you. At the end of the day it is your body and your choice as to which catheter you believe works the best for you.