Hunter Urology is a British company that focuses on continence care for patients who have short and long term bladder problems.  

Hunter Urology catheters will be available soon in Australia through an Australian distributor.  Hunter Urology catheters are imported through Sutherland Medical, a wholly owned Australian company specialising in the manufacture and distribution of high quality Medical Consumable products to the healthcare markets throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

Carefully designed in collaboration with mitrofanoff patients, the HunterCath has a flexible tapered tip that gently eases through the valve at the bladder wall and gently curves around across the bladder neck without causing discomfort.  

The company was started in 2001 by Gary Hunter.  Gary has years of experience in the Urology market, Hunter Urology is very passionate about helping both continence healthcare professionals and patients who have to do either short and/or long term intermittent self catheterisation (ISC) / clean intermittent catheterisation (CIC). People of all ages can have bladder problems where you are not in control of holding urine.  Gaining control if retaining urine by means of intermittent catheterisation enables people to maintain their dignity. The company headquarters is based in the South West of England.  

At Hunter Urology we aim to ease bladder function concerns and concentrate solely on Intermittent Self-Catheterisation (ISC)/ Clean Intermittent Catheterisation (CIC) for patients and Urology Healthcare Professional Providers.  Our products are made with end users interests in mind to enable patients, in the most comfortable way possible, to drain your bladder or helping them with the removal of urethral strictures. 

Proud sponsors of Mitrofanoff Support UK, the International Children's Ostomy Educational Foundation and Mitrofanoff Support Australia. 

HunterCath and Emteva are imported by Sutherland Medical and proudly endorsed by Mitrofanoff Support Australia. Products will be available in Australia through Brightsky in late 2014. 

For more information visit Hunter Urology or Sutherland Medical websites.